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Trump and Biden lead the race, but other contenders like Haley and Ramaswamy are gaining popularity.

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Emotion AI Approach

Sentient Labs FACS and patented Implicit Priming technologies quantify human emotion at scale. This Emotion A.I. is used by Fortune 100 brands across the globe to improve their communications. Learn more about emotion technology.

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US Implicit Appeal of Presidential Candidates Study Launched

Sentient is testing the emotional appeal of Presidential candidates to track the subconscious attitudes of voters throughout the campaign. Learn about the study.

Take an Implicit Study to Uncover Your Subconscious Feelings Toward The 2024 Presidential Candidates

Do irrational feelings have more of an influence on your choices, or are you a rational thinker when choosing a candidate?

Take this Sentient study and learn how you subconsciously feel about the current presidential candidates. This Implicit Priming study measures your cognitive dissonance when paired with emotions and candidates revealing who is more appealing, and not so appealing.


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